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[Read First] Forum Guidelines

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1 [Read First] Forum Guidelines on 2007-12-08, 04:03


Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Forum Rules
Here some rules and guidelines to the forum for you, so you'll know what you can and can't post.

1. Be respectfull for all members of the forum and thier opinions. Joining the forum just to slate fans is forbidden. You must not abuse and treat bad other members. No toleration will be taken in that case.
Swearing is only allowed in certain situations.

2. Always check if there is not a simlilar thread before posting a topic.

3. Pictures can be posted for others to see. Noticed that the picture you are posting is not so massively huge before posting it by attaching. you can always post a direct link to the picture so it won't blow up the screen. (if you are having trubles to post a picture - PM me)

4. Make sure your signatures small, organised and easy to read.
(for signatures help - click here )

5. Keep your avatars small and easy on the eye.
(for avatars help - click here )

6. Always check your grammar and spelling before posting, because nobody wants to read a post like this: "ello im lizzzziii n i lyk dugi". You will only be branded as a teenie - and that's not very nice.

7. Any haters and rude members will be warned or banned from the forum. If you can't get along with someone - ignore them. Starting a massive argument may get you banned. Just try to get along everyone!

8. Do Not Spam. It is stupid. if you want to promote, just add a small link in your sig.

9. We are not responsible for any messages posted, and any copyright material, inappropriate material or abuse in the content is not our responsibility, althought we will do as much as we can to get rid of the offending material. We cannot guarantee that the information you find here is reliable or accurate. Please report any offending posts.

10. Each author is responsiable for thier messeges and may expree thier views, opinions and thoughts.
If you feel offended by any post here, you may contact with the administrator or the global mod.

11. No one can claim any member of McFLY because it's stupid. Don't start arguments with people because they love them and you believe that any of them is yours. They're not. Unless you can prove it...

12. Respect McFly's girlfriends and family. Do not post pictures of suspected girlfriends/family members, unless they include a member of McFly in it. Moderators will remove any of these pictures.

13. Do not make topics about McFLY's personal life (relationships and etc.) Please respact thier privacy.

14. By agreeing to these rules you agree, as a member, that you will not use this forum to offend, abuse or mislead any other member, and any sexually orientated, copyrighted or rude material is unsuitable and will be deleted.

Break The Rules?
Any member who doesn't follow these rules will be deleted from the site and their IP logged and banned. The administrators have the power to ban any member at any time without being questioned. They can also delete topics, polls, or offending messages at their own will.

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