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General fanfic rules

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1 General fanfic rules on 2008-10-24, 08:54


Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones
General rules
1. Off topic fictions are not allowed and will be deleted.
2. Please refrain from using text talk. On these boards it’s not allowed to use text talk, let alone post fiction in it.
3. Plagiarism is illegal. Anyone caught plagiarizing someone will be banned unconditionally. If you notice anyone copying your or someone else’s work, please contact me about it.
4. ‘My dog fell down the stairs, someone write me a standalone?!’ and threads alike will be removed.
5. When your story hits the limit of one hundred pages, please create a new thread to continue it in.
6. Of course there is no way we commenting can be made obligatory, but it is only polite to leave some feedback to a story you have been reading!

Please post your fiction in a dark color and (Microsoft Word) size 10-12. Remember to star out swear words or they will show up as asterisks. Before you press ‘post’, read over your add one last time to make sure it’s free of grammatical and spelling mistakes (mind your capital letters and punctuation!).

Header post
Subject line
In the subject line (topic name) of your post, please put:
• The title of your story;
• Its genre (gen/het/slash);
• Its length type (SA/CH);
• Chaptered stories: the latest update (add: page (…)).

Examples: Friday Night (slash, SA); I’ve Got You (het, CH, add: page 15)

A brief explanation of the abbreviations used above:
Gen: general, no sexual pairings;
Het: heterosexual pairings;
Slash: homosexual pairings;
SA: standalone, a short story posted in one go;
CH: chaptered story.

Please do not include:
• Pairings;
• Competition codes;
etc. in the header post, as this information belongs in the introduction form.

Introduction form
The following form has to be included in the header post (this is just the basic form; naturally you can enclose your own additions such as dedications):

Point of view:
Author’s notes:

A brief explanation:
Title: no one would read a book without a title!
Rating: U, PG, 12, 15 or 18 (see rating system further down the page). Please also include warnings such as abusive language, violence etc.
Pairing: put your story’s (main) romantic pairings here: either (your McFly boy here)/OFC for het or (your McFly boy here)/(your McFly boy here) for slash. (OFC means ‘original female character’.)
Point of view: if the p.o.v. differs from time to time, simply put ‘(first/second/third) person rotating’.
Summary: a brief summary of your story.
Disclaimer: add in a simple disclaimer so you won’t get sued.
Author’s notes: (optional) for everything else you still want to tell your readers!

For chaptered stories it is obligatory to have a chapter directory in the first (or second) post, preferably with links to the posted chapters. This does not apply to standalones.

(I want to say thanks to maudlin who wrote the rules and let me copy the rules from the official's boards. Thank you! so much Very Happy ! )


...the end is where you hope you never say "i could of done it better"...
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