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I Wanna Hold You (slash;CH)

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1 I Wanna Hold You (slash;CH) on 2008-10-20, 07:00


Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones

Tittle: I Wanna Hold You

Aurthor: me! (mm723)

Rating: 16 for swearing and sexual contact (*ahm* slashy)

Pairing: Flones <33

Point Of View: DANNY. And I think it will stay like that.

Summery: Danny is in a very successful band, having lots of money and friends, BUT he keep on fights with his best friend Ė Tom all the time, untill they brake the tension in a ÖermÖ special way.

Disclaimer: It's my imagention only geek // another thing: all the insults that I wrote Ė I donít think like that! It's just for the fic.

Aurthor's Note: If you read, please comment! Thank You: P

Dedications: anyone who read it =)

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...the end is where you hope you never say "i could of done it better"...
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2 Re: I Wanna Hold You (slash;CH) on 2008-10-20, 07:02


Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones
Chapter 1:

I can't stand him anymore! He always bugs me! All the time hits me, like I was his doll, and what I do with it? I call him fat boy! That's all I do, I cant comper it to what he does to me! This f-cuk boy!

You donít know about who I'm talking? Well I'm talking about the person that supposed to be my best friend. Yes, Tom, the fat boy as I call him.
"Hey monkey ears come here for a sec" there he goes again. Thinking he is much better then me in everything. He's not.

"What do you want fat boy?" I answer.

"Come here first!" always gives me orders, and I always obey them like an idiot!

"Here, I came, what do you want now?" and as I say that he flick me, just for fun. As-shole.

"Get a hobbie! Idiot!" I yell at him. How can he call me just to hit me?!

"I already got one!" he giggles and hit on the back of my head. I donít know why, but I just can't hit him back. It's like something is stopping me. And I will stop him!

"I can't believe you are that stupid with these stupid 'habbits' of you!" ha! Well it wasnít that good. I'm sure he'll find an answer to thatÖ

"Look who's talking, the smart gut in the band! Call me when you'll find your brain, ok?" I knew it!

"Haha, very funny Tom, you killed me with that one!"

"Donít be stupid! Well that's a hard reqest for someone who doesnít have any brain thought." Why is he so mean?! And Dougie and Harry are giggling, like that was funny. Why not? Make fun of the Bolton boy! Only because I sound stupid doesnít make me one.

"Are we in the zoo?" I ask, to start a joke about Tom.

"Yes! I can see the monkey alreadys here soÖ" Damn!

"and I can see a fat pink PIG!" I'm trying to save my joke. Pretty mean thing to say.espasely when I donít think that. Not at all. I think it hurts me to laugh at him more then it hurts him. Though he is a bit pinkÖÖand fat. But he doesnít look like a pig!

"Ohhhh Danny's trying to act smart! Well that's pretty hard for a brainless idiot to do. Good luck with that mate!" he says and takes a step closer to me. Now I gotta say something that will shut him up. Hmm what can I sayÖ

"And, and, and you are a motherfu-cking shi-t hole with no feelings that thinks it will make him look smarter if he Calles me brainless idiot while it makes him look like a totall moarn who got nothing ealse to do then humiliating his 'best friend' fuc-kas-s!" I took two steps closer to him as I say that. Wow I think I said too much! Tom is in a tottal shock now, finally I shut him up! What now? I think I hurted him too much! No Tom, oh shi-t! I didnít mean to hurt him like that, I hope he won't cry.

"Got nothing to say now ha Tommy boy? Who is the idiot now? ha Tom?" and as I finish to say that I can feel his lips crashing on mine, and he starts to bite my buttom lip softly and licks it at the same time.

What the hell was that?


...the end is where you hope you never say "i could of done it better"...
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3 Re: I Wanna Hold You (slash;CH) on 2008-10-22, 23:12


Please Please
Please Please
Oh GOD! Okay, I'm not a fan of flones..not at all acctually...but this...poor danny! And at the end! Shocked Is there gonna be more?Hope so! Really like it! Very Happy


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4 Re: I Wanna Hold You (slash;CH) on 2008-10-23, 12:04


Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones
yes there is more Very Happy hehe, i'm glad you liked it!


...the end is where you hope you never say "i could of done it better"...
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5 Re: I Wanna Hold You (slash;CH) on 2008-10-23, 12:06


Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones
Chapter 2:
"What the hell dude?!" I can hear Dougie yell as Tom keep kissing me. But I do nothing. I donít push him and I donít kiss him back, I'm too shock to response.
Tom doesnít mind what dougie said, and I start to respond the kiss, cause it feels so good to kiss him I donít know why. I kiss him back and put my hands on his shoulder, as he put his on my low back Ė not bum!!
Well now his hands are on my bum. I start to grin a bit, because it's embarssing to kiss with him, next to Harry and Dougie, and his hands on my bumÖ
At the second that I open my mouth a little to grin, Tom doesnít wate and get his warm tounge into my mouth, and I put mine in his. I feel like there's nothing ealse at the world but him. I open my eyes for a second and it's like everything is blur but Tom. I look at him, his closing his eyes and he's bussy playing with my tounge. God he looks amazing. I close my eyes back and wish this kiss will never end. Then he pulls back, push me away and turn his back to me.
Silence in the room. I can feel Dougie's stering at me, and I see that Harry ster at Tom, with a wired face.
"What was that all about?" Harry says. No answer form anybody, I still stand there shock, not understanding what just has happened and why did I felt like that.
"Tom?" Harry asks again. "Can you explain? Please?"
Tom turns around, looking at Harry, Dougie, and not even one little look at me. "Explain what? Nothing happened." That's what he says. I can't believe it. He's going to pretend like nothing happened! Well, thatís a good idea, too bad I can't forget that, I donít really want toÖ
"TOM! The kiss?! Donít make yourself stupid ok, it's not funny!" Harry response.
"I didnít mean to be funny; I'm just saying- NOTHING HAPPENED HERE. Ok?" he says it slowly; I think that, well I donít know what to think! What is wrong with him!? It wasnít just a kiss, it was a big romantic passionated kiss, and I liked every second of it. And no, I donít have any feelings for tom. Exapt that I kinda hate him! He always makes fun of me, and that's not cool at all!
"Well Tom, I think you and me should talk" I finally say something.
"So talk." He says, not looking me in the eye.
"ALONE" I say loud so Harry and Dougie will go, and so they did.
"Great, now Tom, please, will you tell me what that was all about?"
"You say"
"Why I should say? You are the one who started it!"
"Look Dan, donít be stupid, admit you want me."
"You're such an as-shole you know that?"
"That's all you think about donítcha? As-sholes" I cant believes he had just said that. No no I got this feeling again of blur in my eyes. Tears. I won't cry, I won't cry, no, I won't! Damn, I thiny tear fell from my eye down my cheek, now he got more reasons to make fun of me.
"IIIII Hhhaatee yoouu" I say as my voice is 'shaking' because I started to cry. I love him, that's why I hate him.


...the end is where you hope you never say "i could of done it better"...
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